Balapur Ganesh laddu auctioned for whopping price

balapurThe Ganesha immersion ceremony procession was underway in Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana .

Thousands of idols of different sizes and different avatars’ from various parts of Hyderabad were being carried for immersion in Hussain Sagar.

The famous ‘Balapur Ganesh’ laddu weighing around 21 kg was auctioned for a whopping Rs 15.60 lakh.

A realtor, hailing from Jubilee hills here, Nagam Tirupati Reddy, bought the laddu for Rs 15.60 lakh in an open auction .

The practice of auction of the ‘laddu” began some twenty three years agao in 1994 with a price of Rs 450 . Last year, Skylab Reddy, bought the laddu for Rs 14.65 lakh.

The procession carrying the massive Ganesh idol from Balapur is underway.