Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna ran away from police

Mokshagna, son of hero Nandamuri Bala Krishna made it to the headlines recently when he has attended the audio function of ‘Srimannarayana’ along with his father. Roumer mills started working overtime saying that the youngster would be soon introduced to the silver screen. Media reports speculated that Balayya brought his son to the function so as to let producers have a look at his him.

Now Mokshagna is once again in the news. This time for a bad reason. According to a story carried by a website, Mokshagna has gone underground to avoid the police. The report says that Mokshagna and his friends had a secret party in the KBR Park and ran off, leaving their cars when police peeped in. It is being said that police had towed off the deserted vehicles to the Banjara Hills police station, waiting for the owners to surface. The report also said that absolute secrecy was being maintained in the matter.