Balakrishna’s slump before a jump!

Balakrishna used to be very consistent in eighties and nineties. He used to be a fierce competitor to Chiranjeevi at that time. He used to answer Chiranjeevi with equally big hits and that is the reason why he was considered as the number 2 hero of Tollywood during that period.

Balakrishna started to experience a series of failures from late nineties. When everybody has written him off, Balakrishna came up with Samara Simha Reddy which was followed up by a series of flops. Then came Narasimha Naidu and he had to wait until Lakshmi Narasimha to taste another success. After that he had no single hit for over six years.

Simha released with nil expectations and did so well proving a point that one can never write off Balakrishna. Fans expected Balakrishna to build on Simha’s success, but the pattern repeated again as all the films that Balakrishna did after Simha were duds. As per that pattern Balakrishna should score a hit with any of his next films. Fans expect that Srimannarayana could be that movie. Let’s hope so!