Balakrishna’s punch dialogue for Pawan Kalyan

Its all set for the grand release of Balakrishna’s latest flick Adhinayakudu. The movie is going to strike the silver screens on June 1st. Despite of all the controversies the movie has been getting positive reports from the inner sources of the movie. The movie got above average report from the unit. It seems that the Balayya had full confident over the movie.

 Triple Platinum function which was conducted recently had witnessed this. Balayya challenged that No one has such a dare to do three different roles in single movie and his character can only justify the title ‘Adhinayakudu‘. But this challenge had irked Mega fans who says that “Balayya lacks cine knowledge who even don’t know that Chiranjeevi had performed three versatile roles in ‘Muuguru Monagallu’ long back.
Adhinayakudu is going to be one of the controversial movies of these days. The movie mainly targets the present days politics in our state. Balayya dialogues are going to directly hit the present day political parties and their leaders.  With  ‘Vigrahaaala Raajekeeyalu’ dialogue he directly specified Jagan who usually performs Odharpu Yatras and Vigraha Prathishtas of YSR.
‘Charitra’ dialogues had become common these days. But, finally Pawankalyan who concluded the dialogue with his movie GabbarSingh had faced another punch from Balakrishna. Pawan Kalyan’s Trend dialogue had  got punch by the dialogue “Pure Business Trend Needhi…..”. 
 Finally the Balakrishna is going to challenge all the antis and other political parties with his movie. So, we have to wait for some controversies that are going to head the media with this Adhinayakudu.