Adinayakudu delayed for Balakrishna’s political entry

Balakrishna is in a move to enter into real time politics , There is a hot rumours going around in political circles that Balayya would contest in forthcoming by-polls and also he would play a vital role in campaigning for the by-polls.

His latest movie Adinayakudu which is out and out a political movie is been delayed  for the sake of his political entry ,rumours that film would be released when ever notification for by-polls is released so that he gets extra milage and publicity as anna N T Rama rao did a film ‘Naa Desam’ in 1982 which gave him a new image.

On the contrary, balakrishna’s thoughts are reportedly different. As per the strategy of Balakrishna, he would contest as MLA  from any of the constituencies from Ceded area and thereafter, he would bring a revolt against TDP head, Chandrababu Naidu and occupy the CM seat.

If Balakrishna really implements his plans and become CM in 2014 ,then it will be racha rachaa for Mega star Chiranjeevi  Otherwise he will face the same fate as chiru in 2009.