Balakrishna to use pen as sword !!

BalaKrishna to use pen as sword as are both mighty. Both have the power to create new dimensions. Both have the capacity to influence the society. But sword does not think of good or bad. But pen always proves that it is mightier than sword. Pen helps in spreading knowledge. Srimannarayana also adopted pen for his purpose. What power cannot do, he achieves with his pen. What he does, how he realizes his dreams will be known by watching the film “Srimannarayana”.

Veteran actor Nandamuri Balakrishna is the hero of the film. Gorgeous Parvathi Melton and sexy Isha Chawla are the heroines. Ramesh Pushpala is the producer. Currently the shooting of the film is done in Ramoji Film City. Few important scenes are being shot in Prince street in RFC. Director Ravikumar Chavali says, “This film has a strong story line. Balakrishna is shown in a dynamic role. He is seen as a responsible journalist. Three songs of the film will be shot in Europe”. Music is rendered by Chakri.