Balakrishna to take on Kodali Nani

Nandamuri Balakrishna has decided to take on Kodali Nani at Gudivada by contesting the elections when ever it happens, Balakrishna who met  TDP party president N.Chandra Babu yesterday believed to have discussed about Nani’s exist and consequences . Balakrishna has shown his interest to contest from that place as it is the pride for TDP , Anna Sr.NTR has contested from Gudivada when he entered into politics. This news  has come as tonic for TDP cadres who were little depressed with Nani’s exit.

Party sources say, Balayya might contest the Gudivada by-poll which is expected to happen soon. Chances were high that Kodali Nani would be joining the YSR Congress party in the near future. In that case, TDP will give a representation to Speaker seeking Nani’s disqualification as MLA. So, the people of state will be witnessing another by-poll in the coming months.

As of now, Kodali Nani has got better chances to win the Gudivada by-poll. But if Balayya comes into the picture, the equations will change and Nani might be the losing horse. At the moment, Nani’s main opponent is the Son Of Legend NTR ‘Balakrishna’, not CBN or Lokesh!