Balakrishna Slaps his Fan Again @SRR function

Balakrishna known for sudden aggression has shown the real avatar yet again by slapping one of the Nandamuri Fans at his recent visit to Bhadrachalam on the eve of ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ completing a successful 100 days run. As per the reports, Guntupalli Ramakrishna is the name of Fan who got a slapping from Balayya because of just staying in close proximity with the actor.

Nevertheless, balakrishna annoyed with momentary frustration as the place was over-crowded has corrected his mistake by posing for a photo with same Fan. Well, the question of context is, how can a Star Hero of balakrishna’s range aspiring for Chief Ministerial chair can loose his balance that easily? Definitely Nandamuri Nata Simham should understand the excitement of Fans before losing the patience. There are couple of incidents in the past, where in balakrishna has shown similar ill-temper hurting the sentiments of Fans.