Balakrishna sends warning to Terrorists

balakrishnaActor Balakrishna sends warning to Terrorists in his own style wearing a designer style costumes on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi.

Balakrishna was the chief guest for the launch of Design Yatra -The Car Road Show, He condemned the recent Uri Attack which took lives of 17 Indian soldiers  and also other Terrorist attacks that took place in London and other countries.

Speaking o media he said, People are not going to tolerate the Terrorism anymore. if Terrorists cross their limits and continue with their acts and If Terrorist does not listen to ‘ good words’, An answer will be given to them in an appropriate  manner.

 Condemning the terrorist acts He said, There is No Race for Blood, No Religion for Meat and No caste for Skin. People of the country have a lot of patience but even patience has a limit. Terrorism has become an enemy to the world, said the actor.