Balakrishna says He is safe with blessing of fans

balakrishna-888Balakrishna says He is safe with blessing of fans

Actor Nandamuri Balakrishna escapes narrowly as his car hit divider in Karnataka . He was driving to Bangalore from Hindupur near Bagepalli in Karnataka when his car hit the divider. Balakrishna was reportedly driving the car .

Balakrishna said, He was safe with the blessing of his father Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, He said, a garland on the glass of his car led to this incident . He was driving the car and turned it towards divider as one of the garlands placed in the Car obstructed the attention and hit the divider. His car tyre was bust after colliding with divider. He confirmed that He was safe with no injuries.

Balakrishna went to Hindupur to attend ‘Rythu Sadassu”, where he announced his next film title as”Rythu”. After the incident Balakrishna went to Bangalore in another vehicle and enroute to Hyderabad.