Balakrishna responds on Nandi awards controversy

balakrishnaNandamuri Balakrishna for the first time responded on the ongoing controversy after Andhra Pradesh government has announced the Nandi awards for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016.

He said that Legend film is not an ordinary film , it has landed in many controversies before release. He feels proud for his film ‘Legend’ bagging 9 nandi awards and expressed the joy for the film.

Balakrishna, who has won the Best actor awards for the film, said each department have worked hard for the film. He congratulated the fellow artists who won the Nandi awards for the remaining films. He just smiled when asked about some films that were not awarded.

Balakrishna participated in a blood donation camp set up at NTR Trust Bhavan in Hyderabad. NTR Trust and Facebook jointly started Blood donation awareness program.

Balakrishna said that blood donation camps are being conducted on NTR’s death anniversary along with his birthday anniversary. Everyone need to recognize the urgency of the blood requirement for catering the needy.