Balakrishna Live chat with his fans

balayyaOn the eve of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s birthday, his upcoming film Paisa Vasool have released a motion teaser of the film.Balakrishna who is in Portugal also went live on Facebook to chat with his fans.

Who is the heroine?
Puri: There are three heroines. Shriya, Mushkin, Kaira Dutt. Say want more?(laughs)
When is the release of the film?
Puri: On September 29
What’s the birthday specialty?
Puri: Today is a holiday for shooting. Everyone is well rested.
What special in this film?
Puri: Balayya sang a song. It’s a drug song. It will be a plus for the film.Balayya sang for the first time, the filming is also complete. Portuguese girls are also dancing with this song.
Tell the movie dialogue?
Puri: No dialogues telling. There are powerful dialogues in the film. Some are kept in the trailer
Movie 1000 days celebration should be done in Suryapet?
Puri: 1000 days? Ok Guru (smiling)
What happened to Balayya’s throat?
Puri: Change the atmosphere
When is the Balayya-RJV (Ramgopal Varma) combo?
Puri: Coming soon
When is Moksagna Launch?
Balakrishna: Soon
About shooting?
Puri: He (Balakrishna) is not a simple film.