Balakrishna finally gets hot babes!

Producer Bellamkonda Suresh is a real fan of Balakrishna. Even after being turned down by the actor many a time, he is still not giving up on him. Balakrishna has shelved two films of Bellamkonda even after launching them on a grand stage. People thought that Bellamkonda won’t try to make a film with Balakrisha hereafter.

But the stubborn and never-give-up kind of man Bellamkonda Suresh has met Balakrishna yet again and is planning to launch a film with him soon. Lakshyam fame Srivas will direct this movie. Balakrishna liked the single line and asked to him to develop into full fledged film story. If everything goes well it will be launched in April.

Meanwhile, Bellamkonda Suresh is putting best efforts to rope in the best for this movie. Balakrishna has been finding it tough to find notable heroines for his films, especially in the recent few years. Balayya has to settle down with B grade heroines most of the time. Bellamkonda Suresh is not going to rope in such actresses for this film. As per the buzz, Taapsee has every chance to romance Balakrishna in this movie. Another sexy starlet who is in her twenties will play the other role. So, finally Balakrisha gets some real hot stuff.