Balakrishna demands Chandra Babu Naidu

Suspension of TDP MLA Kodali Nani lead to war between Nara and Hari Krishna families,  This is the fight for supremacy in party, Hari Krishna wants Jr.NTR to be projected as face of TDP while the other side  wants Nara Lokesh to be.

Before the above issue is solved a new problem came in form of Balakrishna, Balakrishana who met TDP party president Chandra Babu Naidu  few days ago has demanded him to accommodate a party post before he could contest elections against Nani in Gudivada . Chandra Babu Naidu strategic move to bring Balakrishna into party and later pave the way to  Nara Lokesh and give complete charge of TDP in future  as Lokesh tends to be  son-in-law of  Balakrishna seems to be not working at this junction.

But Balakrishna have different plans to execute in future, As TDP lost hopes in 2014 election , Their target is to be in power atleast in 2019. By that time Balakrishna  son Mokshagna might also be in race.  If jr.NTR takes hold of TDP now, it would be hard for his son to grab the control from jr.NTR. For this reason he demanded a party post so that he can still have some control over the party in future.

With all these internal issues TDP party going to 2014 elections is a big debate in political circles.