Balakrishna comes for Rajasekhar’s support

garudaAngry Young Man Rajasekhar ‘s upcoming film ‘PSV Garuda Vega 125.18′ under the direction of Chandamama stories and Guntur Talkies fame Praveen Sattar is releasing on November 3rd.

The film team is currently busy with promotions and will release the trailer at 8 pm on Tuesday. The trailer will be launched through Nandamuri Balakrishna’s hands in the RK cineplex in Hyderabad.

Rajasekhar will play similar roles that of Ankusham, Angadi and Magadha films in his upcoming movie’ Garuda vega 125.18 ‘. He will be seen as a Powerful Police Officer in this film.

The film is made with Hollywood production values standards without compromising on a budget which cost around 25 crores. Russian stunt master David Khumbu, Thailand Stuntman Nuung, Indian Stunt Master Satish, has canned action scenes and chase sequences in places like Georgia, Bangkok, Malaysia, Pattaya, Singapore and Mumbai.

Pooja Kumar is the heroine and Shraddha Das will be seen in a prominent role. The item song shot in the big set under Bollywood choreographer Vishnudewa Composition in Mumbai with Sunny Leone will be the highlighted.