Balakrishna behaviour turns concern

balayyaAccording to a leading English daily, A psychotherapist expressed concern over the Balakrishna’s behaviour and suggested that the actor needs counselling.

After Balakrishna lost his cool and slapped his fan when his fans mobbed around him and garlanded him, A well-known counsellor, who often works with several celebrities made such comments.

The counsellor says this kind of behaviour is called obsessive-compulsive disorder, this comes out when things don’t fall in a particular manner as assumed by the one. It also gives a feeling to the one that he/she is superior to others.

The counsellor expresses concern over the actor’s behaviour and suggests counselling. This is not the first instance, Balakrishna earlier gave the same treatment to his fan for taking a selfie and also caught on camera for hitting his assistant on the head asking him to untie his shoes.