Balakrishna 100th movie with Boyapati or Vinayak

Nandamuri Balakrishna is nearing the biggest landmark of his career. He is closing to the century mark as an actor. Srimannarayana is his 97th film and he has already waved green to his 98th and 99th films. It is believed that he will do his 100th film under Yalamanchili Sai Baba’s production. Balayya is yet to decide over the genre of his century film.

Balakrishna will decide the subject and genre of his hundredth movie only after fixing the director. As per the buzz he has three directors in mind and one of them might be roped in for the landmark film. Boyapati Srinu, VV Vinayak and SS Rajamouli are the directors that Balakrishna is eyeing to zero in.

Rajamouli may not be available for the next couple of years as he is pre engaged with Prabhas’s film. Balakrishna can’t wait that long as he is planning to release the hundredth film prior to 2014 elections. That will leave only two options to go for and we have to see who among Boyapati and Vinayak will take up this film. Or will some other director step in and impress the superstar? Balakrishna’s century is certainly making huge buzz in the film and media circles.