Bahamas Leak exposes 475 India-linked names with offshore accounts

bahamas-leaksAfter Panama Papers comes Bahamas Leak exposes 475 India-linked names with offshore accounts including Vedanta Group’s Anil Agarwal, erstwhile Baron Group’s Kabir Mulchandani and Fashion TV India promoter Aman Gupta.

Over 1.7 lakh companies were formed in Bahamas during 1990 and 2006, Bahamas is a Tax-heaven which also offers amazing security to individuals and corporates. Bahamas also protects client to mask their real entities.

  • Anil Agarwal – Director of Onclave PTC Limited
  • Madhu Rajan – President Transatlantic Technologies Limited and ECB Enterprises Limited.
  • Gurjit Dhillon & Harbhajan Kaur – directors of Springbreeze Limited
  • Aman Gupta & Ashish Gupta – directors of Chemess Corporation
  • Myra Delores Rego & Ashok Chawla- director/ Cs of Burlay Trading Limited
  • Naresh Kumar Modi – Director of Lancashire Properties Holding Limited
  • Sanjeev Kapoor, Jitendra P Patra & Sadat Rafiq Multani – Directors/ Ex-Directors of Emerald Valley Holdings LLC and Dynasty Zarooni INC
  • Ganapati Rathinam, Shomik Prasanna Mukherjee, Prabir Harshad Talati & Nitin Vashdev Merani – Director/ Ex-Directors of Wesley International Limited
  • Nimmagadda Prasad/ Prakash – Top Skyline Inc and Silver Cliff Properties

Bahamas paper gives basic set of data like date of incorporation of the corporate/offshore entity, the names of the directors & CSs, Shareholding details and quantum of shareholding, Ultimate beneficiary. Due to liberation, it is every transaction , every officer floated by Indian individuals is legitimate. But the point is why do individuals do not want to disclose any of this in public domain?.