Bad ‘Gali’ spread into judiciary

It seems Gali Janardhan’s thirst for money is not quenched with his arrest. Now his Air (Gali) of corruption is spread to judiciary of the nation. The recent suspension of CBI Judge T Pattabi Rama Rao raised many eyebrows. If there is corruption, one approaches CBI. But if there is corruption in CBI, where would one go? Obviously to the prison.

That is what law lovers are saying. It is alleged that Special CBI Judge, T Pattabhi Ram Rao took a whole Rs 5 crore to grant bail to Gali Janardhan Reddy. Everybody is aware of Gali’s scam in Obulapuram mines. But it seems, his bad air effect hasn’t stopped there. He went further and scammed the CBI Judge and lured him with handsome money.

It is also reported that along with T Pattabhi Rama Rao, his son will also be questioned in the corruption charges.New is that, all the bribed money is secretly secured in his son’s lockers. CBI has probed charges of bribery on both father and son.