Backstabbers and cheaters in Tollywood : Posani

posaniThe famous actor, writer, and director Posani Krishna Murthy revealed his intention. He expressed deep regret over the latest developments in the Telugu industry. There is no humanity in the industry and there is backstabbing in the industry. He made sensational comments on the ‘Ungarala Rambabu’ pre-release event held on Sunday.

After releasing the trailer, Posani spoke saying, The reason the country behind developed countries is not due to lack of money, but due to lack of humanity. In this context, he spoke emotionally about him and his fellow actor Ali.

He said, “The fact is that there is no humanity. I’ve have met Ali recently. In fact I known Ali for 32 years. He is a spotless man always happy doing person, Such a man came to me and felt bad about a incident. Ali told that a recently released film has replaced them( Murali and Ali) blaming that they charge more. Posani said, Such backstabbers and cheaters are in the industry  and such incidents could cause heart failure to them.