Babu’s costly gift to Pawan Kalyan

Comedian cum producer Ganesh Babu is on cloud nine with his latest blockbuster Gabbar Singh. He decided to do something special for Powerstar  who gave an Industry hit on his banner. Sources revealed that  “ Pawan really helped Ganesh by  acting 2 movies on Parameswara arts banner in a row, which really made Ganesh a star producer in Tollywood now. Every star hero now seeing him as a trusted producer who can handle a high budget movie without any issues. He also got easy dates from big stars now, just because he delivered two projects with Pawan. Apart from all these, now he got a tag of successful producer with Gabbar Singh, which is an Industry hit. So, touched by a Pawan’s gesture, Ganesh wants to do something special for him.”

It’s heard that , Ganesh already booked a flat worth Rs 2cr in a venture which is almost finished in a Posh Jubilee hills area. We have to wait and see whether Pawan will accept that gift or not. Same Source revealed that, it’s very unlikely that Pawan will entertain such things from Ganesh and he will simply reject and says no to it.