Babu’s bad luck transformed into Cherry’s Good Luck

Balayya babu’s  Adinayakudu which has completed its Censor got a positive talk with its content was supposed to release with 1 week gap ie on April 12th from release Racha  has been facing Bad luck which had transformed into Ramcharan’s  Good luck.

In the present scenario most of the big films collect them maximum amount invested in first 2-3 week of its release on one condition if no other big heros release excepted. Racha entered the market with poor rating from critics as it was a out and out mass movie and proved all critics wrong with its splended response at boxoffice, Balayya indirectly helped Racha to continue to rule at Boxoffice in second week  and now in third week too  as Adinayakudu even after its good censor report faces  bad luck and is out of release , has turn out to be a potential market for Racha in its 3rd week.

Lets see the Racha’s real potentiality after NTR’s Dhammu which is slated for 27th April.