Babu fear to fight by-elections

TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu expressed his displeasure to participate in by-elections as his party not gaining any seat in all by-elections.

“For what these by-elections are for? Sometimes I’m questioning myself about, why we should contest in these by-elections? I had also considered the idea of avoiding them buy not contesting, alike that’s been happening in Tamilnadu. But due to the fear that it would be like giving license to bad evil/useless people/anti-social elements, we are contesting them. In the history of Indian politics, there has never been these many elections,” said Chandrababu.
The by-elections in the state after the 2009 Assembly polls has affected the Telugu Desam party in a big way. Despite spending crores of rupees as part of by-poll expenditure, TDP failed to win in atleast a single constituency. The cadre is slowly losing the belief that their party would regain the lost glory by coming to power in 2014 polls. Though Chandrababu is trying all possible ways to boost the morale of the cadre, his plans are not yielding the desired results. Now it’s up to Balayya and NTR to bring back the partymen into the track!