Babu Bangaram Movie Review – Ayyayyo

babuMovie :Babu Bangaram
Director : Maruthi
Producer : S. Naga Vamsi, P. D. V. Prasad
Music Director : Ghibran
Starring : Venkatesh, Nayanthara, Brahmanandam, Posani, Prithivi Rating 3/5

Krishna(Venkatesh ) is a kind hearted police officer who even show pity on offenders, he even feels pity for them if they catch cold and sneeze.. Higher offices assigns a sensitive case of IT office Shastri to deal.Nayantara is shastri’s daughter and Krishna falls in love with her while dealing the case. She part  him after knowing that he is a cop.

At one point he ponders if is right to show mercy on a suspect or to punish them. He then starts digging the suspect’s past and tries to solve his case. He realizes that his sympathy towards offenders is taken as advantage. He turns deadly . How Krishna solves the case ? and How he regain his love ? forms the story.


Venkatesh has played his character with such conviction, his voice, body language or grace, everything compliments his performance and he looks so fit for his age. Nayantara’s potential is not used to full potential. Actors like Posani Krishna Murali and Vennela Kishore have performed well.

Cinematographer Richard Prasad was impressive, Babu Bangaram song were just ok, they distract the pace of the film.  The screenplay is not tight enough, the director manages to withhold the audience with a couple of twists .

Babu Bangaram is a typical feel good film with family sentiments, comedy and emotions . Director tried to narrate a Murder mystery in the film in a entertaining way. Continuing his previous film Bhale Bhale Modaivoy’s Hero’s characterization, where Nani suffers from memory loss, In this film Venkatesh posses “Kind hearted” nature. The director tried to tell it in a entertaining way, like he did in his previous film but failed as the humor could not reach the desired level of audience. While The murder mystery  created interest among audience .Venkatesh , Vennela Kishore and Giri batch song and scenes around Shailaja bava “Battayi Bapji (Pridhvi) generated humour. Prithvi’s Nannaku Prematho spoof was eterting in the first half.

In the second half , Brahmanandam could bring some laugh as Hypnotist . Although the film had potential to bring more entertainment to the scenes but director could not utilize the opportunity.
Director Maruthi had raised expectations after last year’s delightful laughter-riot Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. Unfortunately, he goes way off the mark with Babu Bangaram.” Overall, Babu Bangaram is a film with not much story and forced humour, Venkatesh is only saving grace.


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