Babu Baga Busy Movie Review – Boring

bbbMovie: Babu Baga Busy
Director: Naveen Medaram
Producer: Abhishek Nama
Music Director: Sunil Kashyap
Starring: Srinivas Avasarala, Tejaswi Madivada, Sreemukhi, Mishti Chakraborty
Telugu Rating 2.25/5

Madhav (Avasarala Srinivas) is a Software Engineer by Professional with Playboy mentality. Right from his teenage Madhav is a sex addict and have a lot of affairs in life. Madhav will come to the decision to marry at one stage. He honestly tells about his past during matchmaking.  But gets rejected after hearing his story. On friends pressure, he doesn’t tell his past to Radha (Misty) which results in engagement. what happens when Madhu comes to know about Madhav past ?. Will she marry her? What about Paaru (Madhivada Tejaswi), Shobha (Srmukhi), Chandika (Supriya) stories?


Avasarala Srinivas as a playboy was a misfit for Madhav role As far as his looks are concerned, he failed should show variations, he always gave same expressions in every scene which is a minus. His body language doesn’t suit the character. Although there are four heroines but only Misty gets the more prominent role. The scenes between Avasarala and Priyadarshan have generated humor, but the Jokes are lame.
Mirchi Kiran’s dialogues were good. Cinematography and Music were good. The screenplay is repetitive. Production Values were good.

Babu Baga Busy is a remake of Hindi film Huntterr , but the director has managed to give a feel to suit the nativity. The story was just okay but the beginning was refreshing. But the pace of the film is slow in some parts. The director failed to give more comic touch for the film. The film lacks drama in the climax. The film is purely made with adult content.
+ Story, Narrative
+ Actors
+ Words
– Slow Pace
– Some of the scenes cannot be watched with family
– Climax


Babu Baga Busy is the boring adult film