Baahubali Movie Review – Technical Brilliance

baahubali-telugu-square-ratingFilm : Baahubali / Bahubali
Banner: Arka Media Works
Cast: Prabhas, Anushka, Rana Daggubati, Sathyaraj, Prabhakar, Nassar, Adivi Sesh, Sudeep, Rakesh Varre and Meka Ramakrishna
Direction: S. S. Rajamouli
Production: Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni, K. Raghavendra Rao
Music: M. M. Keeravani Rating : 4/5


Shivudu (Prabhas) is unaware of his clan , lives with nature mother (forest) near Mahishmati Rajyam until he gets attracted to a  princess Avanthika (Tamanna) . Shivudu joins a rebel group including Avanthika  with a motto to recuse Devasena (Anushka Shetty) from King Bhallala Deva of Mahishmati (Rana Daggubati).  In meantime Shivudu falls in love with Avanthika and agrees to rescue Devasena, who is King Amarendra Baahubali’s wife, Shivudu’s mother and also Bhallala Deva’s sister-in-law. She was been tortured by Bhallala who keep her chained outside his palace. Shivudu enters Mahishmati saves people during idol fall and becomes center of attraction.

The story goes on like this Sivudu encounters with Bhallaladeva , Rani Devasena meets Sivudu , Kattappa (satyaraj) realising Sivudu as Son of Amarendra Baahubali , Bhallala deva tries to kill prabhas. Amarendra Baahubali is son of Sivagamini Co sister maharani. While Kalakeya Forces to fight with Bhallaladeva and Baahubali and in the  breath taking fight sequences Kalakeya forces loses to Mahishmati Kingdom, Siva Gamini announces Baahubali as King ,Kattappa kills Amarendra Baahubali .Wait for Next part for more exciting conclusion !!.


Prabhas was huge like a tarzan with macho look especially in war episodes and introduction . He portrayed the role of Shivudu and Baahubali with right voice modulation. He had gone through tremendous physical toil in this film.

Rana as Bhallaladeva gets an opportunity to do some real good performance and he performs them convincingly with effortless ease.

Tamanna as Avanthika never looked so gorgeous and lovely in her earlier movies. She was overwhelming in this movie.

Anushka as Devayana was outstanding, she has excelled presenting her emotions as mother in the film. The first facial expression of Anushka is much superior than her finest expression in Arundhati

Ramya Krishna as Sivagamini was a perfect choice of the director, no other artist can give her 100% for this character. Sathyaraj as Kattappa , Nazar as Rana’s father were good in their roles.



K. K. Senthil Kumar’s cinematography deserves a great appreciations . The war sequences , the bullfight, the Shiva lingam scenes, Prabhas climbing of the mountain and what not . Senthil’s camera pans a landscape in a beautiful way. The ice mountain fall was stunningly captured. He made the Orvakal Rock Gardens in Kurnool, Athirappilly Falls and Mahabaleshwar look grandeur.  BGM with minute detail and Songs scored by MM Keeravani were too good. Keeravani has elevated the scenes in the film with his score . Fights composed by Peter Hynes are excellent. Dialogues by Ratnam are good. Styling by Rama Rajamouli is very good. Editing is good, but could be trimmed. Screenplay of the film is incomplete as it has three backdrops of Mahishmati, Sivudu Koya Kona, Avantika’s Warrior Caves. Visual effects are outstanding covering waterfalls, forests,mountains and the city with a mix of real locations and computer graphics. The magnificent sets created by manu jagadh especially of Kindom are a treat to watch on screen. Dialogues are good in parts like ‘Maata echina vaalu chachi poyyi undochu… Echina maata chachipoledhu kadhaa’, ‘Vanda Mandini Chamipite Veerudantaaru , Okaadini Kaapaadinaa Devudantaaru.. etc.


Director Rajamouli has taken the Indian cinema to International level as far as VFX is concerned . Baahubali is a visual wonder and the director has lived up to the expectations in creating an eye-feast to the audience . Rajamouli has a reputation of good storyteller and he has proved it once again with his visual wonder using latest technique. Diretor has given the required importance to every character and also highlighting Shivagami and Devasena characters. As far as story is concerned, there’s nothing great or new about Baahubali. It’s the production and direction which makes up for this. Rajamouli’s deft direction plugs the loopholes and knowing the pulse of the audience crafts a mainstream film. He has reinvented a new world from his thoughts and given has given a pictorial avatar.

Baahubali has got commercial elements including action , drama , sentiments , music and Rajamouli’s magic. Be it Sivagami Intro and every scene of her. Be It War sequence, Be it Sivudu transforming into Bahubali, Be it Bhallaladeva Introduction & Idol Establishment, Be it Revelation of Mahishmati city itself.Every single scene looked perfect.A huge ice mountain melted down to the last drop was Exaggerated yet never seen before on Indian Cinema Fort protection sequences and chariot chasing sequences are shot amazingly. However there are some flaws in the film like the chemistry between Prabhas and Tamanna was restricted to songs and the film was abruptly ended without any strong conclusion.


  • Art work
  • War Episodes
  • VFX and CGs
  • BGM
  • Emotions
  • Actors Screen presence
  • Interval Block and Climax


  • Slow start
  • No strong conclusion

Baahubali- The Beginning 1st half has great visuals and 2nd half drags a bit, loses some tempo But Climax is too good but ended abruptly . Overall Baahubali is like ” Never before and Never again ” It is a landmark film in the history of Indian cinema.!.


Technical Brilliance  & Visual Spectacular!