Baahubali Live Updates

Baahubali Live Updates

Humongous waterfall , Just now Ramya Krishna Entered.

Here Come the Rebal Star Prabhas , trying to figure out the moutain climbing!! Huge Response from Crowd

Shiva lingam comes out of water and then the massive figure of Prabhas raising from water carrying on shoulder . Fantabulous Moment!

Terrific first 10 minutes ama! This is literal goosebumps! Prabhas is terrrifucking the screen

Goes back to flashback of chota Shivudu

Tanikella Bharani and Rohini have been introduced in a small village

the visuals are breathtaking.Child Shivudu falls into a hidden kingdom while he is trekking

This is Indian Pandora of Avatar! FAAKKKKKK . Hidden Kingdom episode going on

The humongous hefty beast hits the flying Prabhas . Rana enters!

Shivagaami step mother of Prabhas

Dheevara song is the best song every picturised on Indian Screen? Not Exaggerating at all

An Eagle landing on the ground cut into Prabhas with his stretched arms is MASTERPIECE

Now a Small Twist.. Tamannah sword fighting skills are GOOD

Now Enters Sweety Anushka as Rani Devasena, Tempo a bit down in the scenes of Devasena as prisoner

Introduces Sathyaraj come across with arm dealer as Kicha Sudeep

Milk Beauty Tamannah (Avanthika) Look as native gorilla warrior

Milk Beauty Tamannah (Avanthika) Meets Prabhas (Shivudu) at Waterfall

Mahishmathi kingdom is Larger than Life!!! Awesome Creation with VFX , Graphics

Here Enters the Greatest Villian @RanaDaggubati i.e Bhallala Deva

Bull Fight is ON now with Rana(Bhallala Deva)

Now Nassar Presented on the screen with Rana(Bhallaladeva)

Dialogue : Pulla lerukovadaaniki nenu pichi daaninanukunnava kattappa.. Chiti perustunnanu..Aa bhallala devuni kaalchadaaniki

Now a Glance of (Anushka) as Devasena Totally MindBlowing

Currently Few Scenes are running between Shivudu(Prabhas) and Avanthika (Tamannah)

Romantic Battle Between Prabhas(Shivudu) and Tamanaah(Avanthika) are Going on!!!! #Baahubali .. Magnificent!!!

Battle Ends with Shivudu(Prabhas) tightly hugs Avanthika

Ice of the Mountain Melting down … Awesome Scene!

Sivudu Enters the Kingdom ” Nippule swasagaa ” BGM is ON. Elevated the scene w.r.t Mahishmati kingdom

Initiation of Rana(Bhallaladeva)’s Idol and Prabhas(shivudu) Saves people of the Mahishmati kingdom.

Sivudu changing into Baahubali

Interval! Mark down my words. This will stand as classics beside Paathalabhairavi, Maayabazaar

My fingers trembling while typing. Such is the happiness and excitement

Highlights: First two fights never ever.”Maayaram” – hidden kingdom,Rana-Shivudu confrontation scene!,Dheevara

Maayaram” kosam janaalu easy ga repeats ese episode! No JackDaniel can give me such high
Wantedly @srajamouli did not highlight Prabhas in the promotions.Muv lo eppudu choodani elevation scenes abba!

No one wants to go to take a leak as they dont want to miss even a bit if the 2nd half starts

Beautiful part of #Baahubali they used English lyrics in few background scores which doesnt sound odd at all

2nd Half starts with Thamanna in a new avatar. No one seen it in any poster or promotions. Stunning

Sivudu’s Mother and Family are searching for sivudu

(Prabhas) Sivudu encounters with Bhallaladeva(Rana) in the finding of Bahubali

Mother Sentiment Scenes worked well and Rani Devasena meets Sivudu Son of #Baahubali!

Fort and Chase Sequences are Picturized Astonishingly

Gorilla warriors clashes with Mahishmati Kindom Force.. Fight Scenes are going on!

Best shot … Mud Fight Sequence

Kattappa Realising Sivudu as Son of Baahubali The Scene is REALLY Heart Touching!!! Pure Emotions

Nuvvu Amarendra baahubali Rakthanivi…. Crowd Claps, Whistles, Huge Applause!

Entry of raja maatha Sivagaamini devi

SS Rajamouli Cameo In #Baahubali as Merchant utters only one dialogue Dabbundaaa ?

Bhallala deva(Rana) tries to kill Baahubali (Prabhas)

Especially Sentiment scenes are Elevated Nicely!

Kalakeya Forces are Introduced now to fight with Bhallala deva(Rana) and Baahubali (Prabhas)

The Real Amarendra Bahubali is disclosed now.

Sivagamini names her Co sister maharani son as Bahubali… Amarendra Baahubali

Amarendra Bahubali … Growing up under guardianship of his co mother (pinni) … He has established his special connection with Karinada Kattappa Nair

Amarendra Bahubali and Bhallaladeva grown up Sivagamini to establish one of them to king

Great Clash and Breathtaking fight sequences

Finally Kalakeya Forces Losses for #Baahubali , #BhallalaDeva and Mahishmati Kingdom

Siva Gamini announces #Baahubali as King and Bhallala Deva as Senani

Kattappa Explains about Amarendra Baahubali to Shivudu


Baahubali 1st half has great visuals. 2nd half drags a bit. Climax is good. Prahas rocks the show. Tamanna is wasted. Rana is okay.

Baahubali Songs are not up to the mark. Also few CG shots are lame. That feel factor in Magadheera missed here. Nevertheless good attempt.

Baahubali Visuals and Maahishmathi kingdom are enough for your ticket’s worth. Our suggestion is go with less expectations and enjoy more.

The scene where Rana pulls out the tusk of a dead elephant and uses as a sword is just epic! Nothing can be as gore as this

Anushkas own dubbing was very odd.