Baahubali is a lifetime film : Prabhas

baahubali-prabhasHeartthrob Prabhas at the audio function of baahubali has announced the release date of the film with huge crowd applauses.

Prabhas speech went like this,  Hi Darlings..I need to talk about those who have worked for this film but Time is not sufficient now. Let me narrate my travel with Rajamouli…When Rajamouli narrated a story during his initial days of his career I just listened to the script for namesake. I was not in a position to judge the story. I already saw his “Student No:1” picture and I didn’t liked it although it was a big Hit.

During my Varsham shoot, Rajamouli’s Simhadri was released, It became biggest blockbuster , Taarak invited me to see the film and after seeing it , I was really thrilled. I felt guilty for rejecting Rajamouli’s script earlier and felt bad that I cannot work with him in life time.

During DIL film audio function , I appreciated Rajamouli for his Simhadri film success. He immediately told me to meet at Kakatiya Hotel. Rajamouli was excite to work with me even after rejecting his film then came Chatrapathi project. We became close friends , I never saw this type of person , He is a different guy, He is a great soul person with great character, I am great fan of his even he doesn’t know How big fan I am.

I share all my personal , professional problems in life with him and discuss for more than 6 hours at nights. He advised me and sometimes used to slam at me. I had four flops when he offered me Baahubali. Rajamouli used to say that he would do a big film with me , I never thought he would make such a big film. Baahubali is a lifetime film. Its my luck to be associated with Rajamouli family..great family. Love You Darlings !! Prabhas announced release date of Baahubali as July 10th .