Baahubali Hindi Day-wise collections

baahubali-hindi1Rajamouli’s Bahubali is setting new records in Bollywood , this sputh epic is making waves at box office across the country.

Baahubali dubbed Hindi version is going super strong on weekdays too. The film took an average start in the Hindi version, earning Rs 5.15 crore and the business picked up on Saturday and collections jumped by 40% and on sunday it had 40% jump compared to saturday.

Continuing its saga at box office , Baahubali performed well on Monday too with just 40% drop compared to sunday collections while traditional Hindi films drop by 70% .

Here is the break-up day wise

Friday – 5.15 cr
Saturday – 7.09 cr
Sunday- 10.11 cr
Monday- 6.10 cr
Total: ₹ 28.45 cr.

Baahubali becomes the number one dubbed film beating Rajinikanth’s Robot’s life-time nett of 23.84 cr .