Baahubali gets International media appreciation

Director Rajamouli will be thoroughly satisfied with the success of Baahubali for earning fantastic revenues at worldwide Box Office but also for appreciation from international media for his spectacular motion picture.

baahubali-firstdayBaahubali caught the attention of International media after the release , they were shocked to see the revenues earned by the Technically brilliant film made with a low budget of 130+ crores compared to thousand of crores spent on Hollywood flicks.

CNN – Indian cinema has produced something spectacular. And it’s not from Bollywood.South Indian director has attempted a battle epic that critics say has successfully blended local folklore with Hollywood’s technological grandeur.

CBC News : Baahubali, India’s most expensive film to date, is shining a spotlight on the South Indian film industry — which has long been overshadowed by Bollywood, its more flamboyant northern counterpart, $40 million US historical action-adventure set in medieval India, could change that.

Theguardian : Baahubali has a fantastic bang for your buck in most expensive Indian movie ever made. Topless men fight bulls, couples kiss amid orchids, hundreds of flogged extras erect a tower and there’s a 45 minute battle – SS Rajamouli’s two-part epic brilliantly ticks off the blockbuster wish-list, and innovates with it.

BBC : India’s battle epic Baahubali (Strong Man), billed as its most expensive film to date, was released in cinemas on Friday.The film’s dazzling special effects have also drawn audiences to theatres, and are inviting comparisons to Hollywood’s best.

Hollywood reporter : The $40 million historical epic has been likened to ‘Avatar’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ and looks set to rewrite box office history.

Thewire : India’s Newest Superstar is a Middle-aged Film Director

Forbes : India’s ‘Baahubali’ Destroys Box Office Records–Is China Next?, Baahubali has been crushing box office records from the day of its release.