Baahubali falls short of Chiranjeevi’s Indra Record

Baahubali -indraSS Rajamouli’s biggest blockbuster Baahubali , which has collected over 600 Crore at Worldwide Box Office and created all time records in Telugu states , is no match for Chiranjeevi’s Indra town record .

Mega fans are very happy to hear that Chiranjeevi’s Indra record is still in tag, even the India’s biggest hit film could not break the record of Indra .

Chiranjeevi Indra holds the Tuni record of 17.56 lakhs with ticket cost of just 30 rupees while Baahubali couldn’t beat it and falls short of 4 lakhs to settle at 13 Lakhs with ticket cost of Rs.70. Meanwhile the closing share of Nizam is 43+ crores.