Baahubali dents tax revenues ?

baahubali-posterTollywood extravaganza SS.Rajamouli Baahubali turns sour for the commercial taxes department in both the Telugu speaking states as it caused the revenue loss for the government .

The exhibitors and distributors of the film have reportedly played tricks to dent the entertainment tax revenue to the governments by practicing black marketing and other means.

In the cities and municipal corporation limits, the tax is paid to the government on the number of tickets sold , while in rural areas, Tax is paid as per the slab system like the no of shows screened, irrespective of the number of tickets sold.

While in the first case exhibitors resorted to malpractice by paying taxes to houseful shows but involved in balck marketing , gaining huge profits selling tickets at high cost. In second case, Exhibitor exempted taxes by showing in the records that they did not screen all shows of Baahubali.

The department official are checking the Daily Collection Report and also the head count and also verify the tickets collected at entry point to come to an estimate on taxes to be laid.