Baahubali 6 days USA collections

baahubaliBaahubali (Telugu) heading towards to cross 5 million dollars today. Raising above expectations and shocking the trade about potential of Telugu market in USA.

Baahubali  TELUGU in USA

Thursday (premiers)- $1395K
Friday – $1090K
Saturday – 1199K
Sunday – $727K
Monday – $205K
Tuesday – $190K

Total for 6 days -$4.8Million+ (Rs.30.59 crore)

Baahubali TAMIL on Tuesday has collected $29K Total for 6 days -$305K

Baahubali USA (Telugu+Tamil) has Crossed $5.1 M in 5 Days and expected to touch $5.5 M for 1st week. With promising 2nd week ahead , Baahubali is likely to do wonders in its second weekend.