Aunties teasing Sudden Star

Hot aunties of Telugu cinema, Hema and Jyothi are part of the ongoing success tour of ‘Sudigadu’ movie are playing silly games with Sudden Star Allari Naresh in public. People who witnessed the show are putting their fingers on mouth.. As part of it, the movie unit visited various theatres in the city and always it is seen Hema and Jyothi teasing Naresh. Somewhat irked with the naughty comments passed by Jyothi, our hero maintained silence most of the time, a unit member said. Some say that these two hot aunties went overboard and exaggerated upon feeling the thrill of huge audiences in theatres. However, another source felt that all this is a part of strategy and the aunties are supposed to attract audience with that teasing.

On a whole people enjoyed Naresh on the screen and these hot aunties in live at theatres before submitting themselves and their pockets for ‘Sudigadu’.