‘ATV’ …My TV

Congress top notch leaders in Andhra Pradesh are settling well with the blessings of Congress High command. Not so popular Telugu Entertainment channel ‘A’ TV is in the hands of Andhra Pradesh Chief minister Kiran  Kumar Reddy.

Kiran after becoming chief minister lost elections which damaged his image , As a damage control measure to keep up the party image , Kiran followed the foot steps of late chief minister YS.Rajashaker Reddy who started ‘Sakshi’ channel and started negotiations with ‘A’ TV channel heads who belongs to Ranga Reddy  district and the channel was launched 4 years back with some entertainment and 2 news bulletins daily. Kiran’s clean image as CM is to be questioned for owning the channel.

Earlier Kiran eyed on ‘INews’ news channel but its owner Narendra Chowdary refused at last moment. Apart , PCC president Bosta satyanaraya also on deal with  Zee 24 Gantalu channel . So,  Congress high command instead of promising  both these with CM post in 2014 has shown them a good options to stay in news as media heads. Good Jobs for them after 2014.