Attack on Raktha Charitra villian

One can not forget Raktha Charitra Villian Abhimanyu Singh who scared all as dangerous Bukka Reddy. However even he realized things will be totally different in reel life when a deadly gang on two wheeler attacked and assaulted him when he was on pleasure trip to Mantheran along with his wife , son Zulu (2 yrs), daughter Amelie (4 yrs),  and maid. Abhimanyu however fought valiantly and even continued with the trip only to be left fuming at the police when they refused to take his complaint. He said “We drove further and came upon a police station. So we decided to complain. When I told the cops, they took it too casually. They said that these things keep happening and dismissed the entire incident”.

Recollecting the incident, Abhimanyu said “I don’t know how it all happened. It was broad daylight and we were driving down to Matheran. At this place between Panvel and Matheran, a few men on bikes started following us. My wife asked me to keep driving. But then one guy overtook my car and I had to stop. Immediately, the man came to attack me. I slapped him when another one took out a sharp knife. My kids started crying and I got scared. I took hold of the knife and asked my wife to open the boot of the car and take out the spanner”.

He further added “The doctor told me that I could have died if the knife cut through my wrist. When I came back, Ramuji ( Ram Gopal Varma) saw the cuts on my hand and couldn’t believe that these kind of gangs still exist”.