Attack Movie Review – Misses Target

attack-reviewMovie : Attack

Cast: Manchu Manoj, Prakash Raj, Jagapathi Babu, interest Naveen, Abhimanyu singh, Surabhi, Poonam Kaur, Manju bhargavi
Music: Ravi Shankar
Cinematography: Anji
Producers: svetlana, Varun, Teja, siviravu,
Story-Screenplay- Direction: Ram Gopal Varma
Production House: Sri subha swetha Films : 2.25/5


Reputed mobster in Hyderabad Gururaj (Prakash Raj) leaves all his illegal activities and lives a peaceful life . He starts a new business with “Charminar Groups”. He has three sons Kali (Jagapati Babu),Gopi (vadde naveen),Radha (Manoj) Gururaj gets murdered in the hands of his opponents in a temple . Everybody believe that Gururaj is attacked and killed in connection with a deal with Narasimhulu. Kali search for Narasimhulu and Radha stand beside Kali , However Kali gets killed brutally. Radha ‘s lover Valli(Surabhi) advise him not to get involved in revenge acts but Radha takes the charge to finish those who killed his father and brother and begins counter attacks. Actually Who makes these murders and is there any conspiracy behind? How Radha takes revenge? forms story.

For the first time Manchu Manoj appears in a very grievous character. He has imprinted with a convincing performance which is different from his energetic roles, he also showed maturity in expressing his emotions. Although Prakash Raj, Jagapathi Babu comparatively small, but the characters have shown their mark. After a long gap, Vadde Naveen once again appeared on the screen , he was decent in his role. Poonam Kaur appeared for the first time in a bold character. she acted as villain’s girl friend. heroine Surabhi appeared in a comparatively small role .

Ram Gopal varma molded the two plus hours “Attack ” film with small ‘Revenge ‘line . He completely failed to bring freshness to the film, the taking , camera work, BGM, music and characters were almost similar to his previous films . But this time he tried to encash of star image of actors and failed to bring novelty to the roles. There is nothing that bring excitement to watch this film. Every time the dead voice of Prakash Raj will bother the flow of the film . Radha charter gives clarity to all unanswered questions that arise in the film. Although there is twist in the last but that didn’t provide needed Kick for audience Editing is not crisp and rest of the departments are not up to the mark. Overall ‘Attack ‘ is a routine crime thriller . It completely misses to make an impact on the targeted audience.

Plus points:

  • Main characters

Minus Points:

  • Routine Taking
  • Dialogues
  • violence

Too Much Attack by RGV