Attack and Shoot me but not Dalits : Modi

modi-dalitPrime Minister Narendra Modi on his maiden visit to Telangana to inaugurate a series of programmes, including ‘Mission Bhageeratha’,, addressed a massive public meeting in Hyderabad Lal Bahadur stadium , organised by state BJP.

Continuing his attack on ‘Gau Rakshaks’ He said, He wants to tell everyone to remain alert of fake ‘gau rakshaks’, he also urged State Govts to take action against them, who are involved in anti-social activities. He expressed the need to expose them, isolate and punish them.

Address BJP workers meeting in Hyderabad He said, The intention of these fake ‘gau rakshaks’ is to simply divide the country, they have nothing to do with ‘gau raksha’.Today is August 7. This day has a lot of significance in Indian history, swadeshi movement got different dimension on this day and they thought of celebrating it as as ‘National Handloom day’.

Speaking about corruption He said, Earlier the first news on TV used to be related to corruption, its been over 2 yrs now, there has been no such ‘stain’ on this Govt.

He said, He has requested all MPs to organise a ‘Tiranga yatra’ ahead of Independence day and said there must be ‘saffron revolution’ in the country. Saffron is colour of ‘energy’. There must be an ‘energy’ revolution.’ He further said, there must be ‘white revolution’ in country. Cattle are out assets, must give impetus to dairy production.

Speaking about GST, He said Finally GST bill got passed in both the houses. He want to thank all political parties who helped the Govt pass this bill.This is a revolutionary step forward towards ‘One Nation, One Tax’, will help boost economy.

Speaking about Dalits He said, It is our duty to protect and respect the poor & Dalit people of our country.There are few bad elements, shortcomings in our society. What right do we have to ill treat our Dalit brothers and sisters?, questioned PM. He said, We are the people who talk about ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ & if we cannot embrace our Dalit brothers & sisters, world will not forgive us.We will have to strive hard to protect our nation from such anti-social elements, will have to expose such people.

In a thunder voice Modi said, If anti social elements want to attack, they should attack Him and not Dalits. If they want to shoot,  they should shoot Him and not Dalits. He told them to stop attacking Dalits.