At 63, Chandrababu the fittest politician ever

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu turns 63 on Friday. For his age, Chandrababu is probably the most agile and healthy personality among his peers, especially in the political arena. He might be going through the most testing time in his career, but the self-made Naidu continues to be the most recalled name from Andhra Pradesh around the world.

His self-discipline, moderate habits and his positive outlook seem to have kept Naidu fit as a fiddle, despite his greying streaks of hair.

Despite the many setbacks recently, with some observers even ticking off the party’s continued relevance in the current political trends, Chandrababu can never be accused of despairing even in the worst scenario. He continues to lead the party with the same zeal that he had shown even when he was the Chief Minister.

On his birthday, Chandrababu was doing his road show at Kakinada in the blazing coastal sun.

Chandrababu Naidu will be 65 by 2014, when the state is expected to go for general elections. If his party fails to capture power in 2014, what will be Chandrababu’s future? That is a million dollar question worrying the minds of TDP rank and file.

2019 is far away and even if Chandrababu continues to be resilient in both body and mind, would the party be able to sustain its base? Those who have been closely following the TDP chief are certain that Chandrababu is a long-distance runner. How many more hurdles he may face in future, Chandrababu is not one to accept defeat and give up politics, is the consensus.