Arvind Swami hits at Censor board

rp_Arvind-swami-260x300.jpgCensor board has become center of controversies in recent times.Many of Bollywood’s films have been experiencing problems with the censor board. The hard work and the creativity of the filmmakers is edited by the censor board .After the release of films, some sections start accusing of hurting their feelings.This is the situation from ‘Udta Punjab’ to ‘Padmavati’ .

Recently, senior Tamil hero Arvind Swamy has made controversial comments of censor board. “Now in India, people are becoming more sensitive. Filmmakers are scared to shoot a kissing scene . About two thousand years ago, Vatsyayana’s ‘Kamasutra’ has become very popular. I do not understand why the censor is dealing in such a way, where a kiss represents Love”.