Aruna and Ponnala starts hunger strike for new districts

Aruna and PonnalaTelangana Congress leaders , Former Congress Minister DK Aruna and former Telangana PCC chief Ponnala Laxmaiah went for a 2 days hunger strike demanding creation of districts Gadwal and Jangaon respectively.

Bothe the leaders have begun deeksha at Indira Park in Hyderabad. Speaking to media DK Aruna said, TRS got is creating districts in a unscientific manner. She dubbed Telangana Chief minister K.Chandrashekar Rao as “Visibility Less CM”. He said, CM has no vision in creation of Telangana districts.

She said, the TRS govt has bifurcated the districts in a unscientific manner , Some constituencies falls in three districts, one mandla is divided into three mandals. People are agitating on such bifurcations. The govt has to tell On what basis districts are created, based on population?, vast land resources?, Railway connectivity?, Road connectivity?.

Ponnala said, Without transparency , TRS creating districts in un scientific. After giving word to Jangaon people, KCR failed to keep his promise.

Telangana minister Jupally Krishna Rao criticised the Congress leaders alleged that Congress leader DK Aruna has not participated in the Telangana agitation but she is demanding the new district. He alleged that Aruna is agitating for political gain.