Arora College principal commits suicide

Arora College principal commits suicide
Dr Pathuri Ravi,  Arora College principal found dead in Hussain Sagar lake on sunday.
It is learnt that Ravi was found missing since Friday. On receipt of the information that Ravi committed suicide, the police rushed to Hussain Sagar and successfully launched a hunt for the body. Ravi had very good track record and good name among students,some say he had family problems but the actual reason for his death is financial problems, Ravi seems to have lost huge amount in online share business and he used to be tense some times .

On friday on his way to college he got down from auto at Tank bund gave a seal cover to auto driver and said to give his wife. Later he found missing for 2 day and on sunday morning his dead body was found in the lake.

While the City Psychiatrists, in collaboration with the Care Hospital organized a rally to mark the occasion of Suicide Eradication Day on Sunday on one side of the Hussain Sagar lake, the police launched a drive to discover body of Chikkadpally Arora College principal Dr Pathuri Ravi, who committed suicide by jumping into Hussain Sagar.

Police have registered a case and taken up investigation. Reasons for the suicide of Ravi are yet to be known.