AP temporary Secretariat cost 750 Cr?

Amaravati-747478Recently ,Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu formally inaugurated the state’s interim government complex (temporary Secretariat) at Velagapudi village in capital region Amravati.

Sources say, The completion of the project will cost are 750 crore . Initially tenders were called for construction of ground floor with 220 crore cost. However the governmnet has decided to construct two more floors with a construction cost of 530 Crore.

The cost  to be incurred for the interiors is shown as 356 Crore. 106 Crore for providing facilities outside the complex and 68 coroe for constructing the two floors . The Total cost of the project counts to 750 crore.

Spending 750 crore for the construction of interim complex is raising criticism , as the state govt is using around 40% of center grants of  2000 crore for the construction of interim complex.