AP signs Rs 4.39 lakh cr worth MoUs at CII summit

naiduAndhra Pradesh has signed 734 MOUs worth Rs 4.39 lakh cr as a result of 55 bilateral meetings in 3-day CII Partnership Summit 2018 held in Vishakapatnam. This will create over 11 Lakh jobs in the state.

Reliance has committed to invest around Rs. 15K crores for projects in electronics, IT, technical collaborations & telecom industry that will generate jobs for 20K people. Another Rs. 40K crores are committed by India Gas Solutions Pvt Ltd for 3 projects in gas and energy sector. An MOU between the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries was exchanged with the Govt of AP.

A MoU was signed with the Finnish company, to build a robotics and AI-based university and recreate the Finnish start-up experience. They are keen to realise the dream of a Happy City and also develop the ecosystem for gaming in AP. The agreement includes a research and the implementation of a trial project to develop a food value chain using Japanese technology in the processing and export of shrimp, fish, fresh mangoes, value-added rice products, tomato and a cold chain development.