AP ridicules over Telangana Webportal plagiarism

parakalaAdvisor (Communications) Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Parakala Prabhakar ridicules the Blames of Telangana over Copyright Theft Issue on Ease of Doing Business.

He said, Telangana govt is doing mud shedding act to damage the AP’s name , He ridiculed saying, What would be need of AP , which hold 2nd rank to copy a 13th ranked Telangana content.

He said, Source code and Servers of both the states are different , Payment Gateway is “Cyber treasure” and Telangana Payment gateway is “Bill Disk”. He said they have done 9000 transaction through their web portal and Telangana’s Payment gateway is a “Dummy”.  He said, How can Telangana govt say they have copied the content unless they have hacked their  web portal.

He advised the Telangana govt to stop playing such cheap tricks like blaming AP, filing cases against AP .

Telangana on Tuesday said it filed a case with Cyber Crime cell against Andhra Pradesh alleging it has indulged in “plagiarism.” – Andhra Pradesh copied our biz norm web designs, data formats stated T govt.