AP people are emotional fools !

Most of Andhra Pradesh people are emotional fools. They support only those  politicians who emotionally blackmail them despite being criminals, make false promises, and make criminal statements to being difference among public for their political survival.

A politician who looted people to the core  but still people support him because of his fathers death. People still believe that he is innocent as no charges were proved. Some even say every one are corrupt and whats wrong in being corrupt.

One more politician fooling people for last 10 years for a sub region cause , still people believe his words . This politician also managed to sum up thousands of crores for his family by blackmailing everyone on the name of sentiment.

Recently , one more  politician who made some derogatory statements on a particular  community and people of his community who are made to suffer poverty from ages still believe that party and support him and welcome him as their hero.

When it comes to some burning topic , people here come out for a day to show their concern and if same incident repeats next time they it at home  and talk saying it has become common now-a-days.

Its not the mistake of politicians , they are just en-cashing people emotions and fooling them all the time. People are acting like sheep’s following the master sheep without giving a second thought to their minds.