AP Ministers criticise Kapu meeting

narayanaKapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham continuing his indefinite fast , without cooperating with the doctors . He is still refusing to give his blood samples or undergo treatment, demanding withdrawal of cases against kapus.

On the other hand, Deputy Chief Minister-cum-Home Minister N Chinarajappa has once against reiterated that withdrawal of cases against those arrested in train burning incident was not possible.

Chinarajappa made it clear that the government had never assured to Mr Mudragada that cases against the perpetrators would be withdrawn.

On the other hand, Minister Narayana has criticised Chiranjeevi , Dasari and other Kapu leaders meeting for not highlighting about the setting up of Kapu corporation and allotting 1000 cr for the community and also setting up a commeity towards BC reservations to Kapus.