AP Media on Sale

With political leader entering into media , Media became laugh of the day as each media group especially the electronic media have own agenda shows particular news with different versions raised curtains to media wars.  This type of culture was started in Tamil Nadu first and spread to Andhra Pradesh .

Ten “absolutes” suggested by the Thomson Reuters

1. Always hold accuracy sacrosanct
2. Always correct an error openly
3. Always strive for balance and freedom from bias
4. Always reveal a conflict of interest to a manager/senior editor
5. Always respect privileged information
6. Always protect their sources from the authorities
7. Always guard against putting their opinion in a story or editorialising
8. Never fabricate or plagiarise
9. Never alter a still or moving image beyond the requirements of normal image enhancement
10. Never pay a source for a story and never accept a bribe.

Here, No media follows such ethics ,  every party owns some or the other channel  directly or indirectly.  Recent developments in Media owning by politicians are as follows.

  • ‘Zee 24 Gantalu’, a news channel which announced lock out on September 20, 2012  brought by PCC Chief Botsa Satyanarayana and thus is in his control now.
  • CM Kiran Kumar Reddy’s close aides acquired Atv, and his brother got control over ‘INews ‘channel.
  • Chiru’s close aides are starting a channel called Thulasi Tv and are prepared to back Chiranjeevi.
  • CPM10 channel is on wheel to join soon.
  • BJP Kishan Reddy also planning to acquire Raj TV which used to Telnagana Channel  later bought by TV9 Karim who was attacked by acid last year  by his in-laws.