AP is becoming No :1 in three issues : Roja

rojaYSRCP Roja claims that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu striving hard to make AP No.1 in issues like ‘Atrocities’, ‘Suicides’ and ‘Crime’.

She said, Naidu has been encouraging such acts of violence against students and women and the Committee Report on Corporate College suicides has been kept in cold storage. ‘Atrocities on women have been on the rise in TDP term with ministers and their kins directly being involved ,

She said, Naidu is showinginterest in organizing beach parties, bikini shows and beer parlours instead of taking effective steps to check ragging and harassment in colleges.

She said, There are Reports of ragging, suicides and harassment in colleges, students committed suicides in Narayana group of Institutions. Shed demaned sacking of Education Minister Ganta Sriivas Rao.