AP govt talks with Mudragada Fails

mudragada_padmanabhamThe state government of Andhra Pradesh is taking measures to handle the Kapu issue with a meaningful dialogue.

Kapu movement took a kick start with Kapau Garjana, which led to 108 crore loss in Tuni violence. Understanding the sensitivity of the issue, The AP govt has sent Bonda Uma , Thota Trimurthulu to Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham for talks .

Padmanabham has announced that he would be sitting on indefinite hunger strike with the demand to include the community in the BCs. The AP govt representatives went to Kirlampudi and met Mudragada . They tried to convince Mudragada to stop his hunger strike, but failed.  The Kapu leader would sit-in tomorrow as announced.

While Minister Narayana urged Kapus to wait for Manjunath Committee report, which is expected in nine months.